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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. We’ve compiled together some of the most commonly asked questions for you to help you navigate the Synesis One ecosystem. However, if you still can’t find an answer, one of our friendly community members or managers in our discord and telegram groups will be available to answer you.
What is Synesis One? 

We are a play-to-earn platform that makes data more accessible to projects that need AI. Anyone from around the world can join us and have fun while helping to power innovative AI. We’re powered by Solana. How can I play the games at Synesis One? In order to play you’ll need to stake our non fungible token (NFT), Kanon to gain access to all of our games. What types of games are available at Synesis One? We’ll be sharing more about our games soon!

What is #sleeptoearn at Synesis One? 

There are several ways to earn rewards at Synesis One. One method is to simply hold your unique Kanon NFT and you’ll earn passively every time your word is accessed by our customers. You’ll be able to claim these rewards when you play our games.

When is our Token Generation Event (TGE)? 

We will announce this and provide instruction as soon as we are able!

How can I get the $SNS token? 

One method will be through our TGE partner, Starlaunch. Additional methods are through our games. Do stay tuned for more details that we will announce!

What are the interstellar AMAs?

Synesians new to our community can meet with our cofounder and CEO to ask your burning questions and get up to speed on Synesis.

What is data yield farming? 

Data Yield Farming is ontology mining. It is the process of sharing your knowledge on everyday topics to help train AI. Topics might range from ordering pizza, shopping in a grocery store, and more…

What is ontology mining? 

See: What is data yield farming?

What is an ontology?

In artificial intelligence there are several branches of AI. In the Natural Language Processing (NLP) branch and AI industry at large, an ontology can be viewed as an utterance, or for short, phrases, statements, and sentences. The root of these phrases and sentences are known as ontology primitives, what we refer to at Synesis One as a keyword. We have taken these keywords (words) and turned them into Kanon NFTs.

How can I buy the Kanon NFT? 

Visit for the latest news on our Kanon NFT collections. If the whitelist is still open, you’ll be able to apply there.

When is the NFT launch? How much?

The first wave of minting will begin Jan. 28, 2022. There will be a total of 10K Kanon NFTs in our first collection, Aquarius . Mint Cost 2 $SOL Is there a limit? Yes. 2 Kanons per wallet address in the first two minting waves. 3 Kanons per wallet in the 3rd wave.

How does the Kanon NFT rarity work for words?

Traditional NFTs have very clearly defined parameters for the images. We have incorporated a number of rarity parameters into each NFT. However, because we are utilizing language/words across our NFTs and frequency of use can not be predetermined, the value of your individual NFT can be observed by the number of rewards attributed to your NFT based on access.

How many traits are in the Aquarius Collection?

There are two main expressions: 6 visual design parameters with their separate sub-design parameters (i.e., 7 color combinations, 9 word placement parameters, etc…) combined with a number of systematically designed traits incorporated in an Easter-Egg approach. You’ll be able to read more about our artist collective partners and their entire design process in a Medium article soon, as well as an article that fleshes out the parameters more thoroughly.

Will there be a secondary market? 

Yes, we will be listing on multiple secondary exchanges as soon as we go live so you Synesians can trade immediately. We apologize in advance if there are any issues around this as the NFT space on Solana is still very fresh, we will do all we can to make this a seamless experience though.

Do I own my Kanon after purchasing? 

Yes! Full intellectual property rights are given to the buyer.